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Good quality Titanium Alloy Rod for sales
Good quality Titanium Alloy Rod for sales
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Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd. Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd. Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.

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Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd. Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd. Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.

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Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd. Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.

  • Production Line

    What We Offer :

    Titanium bar /Billet , Titanium Forging , Titanium & Non ferrous target ,Titanium sheet/plate ,Titanium Flange ,Titanium wire /welded Wire ,Titanium Fitting , Titanium Fastener etc.

    Standard: ASTM B348/ASME SB348,ASTM B265/ASME SB265 ,ASTM B381,ASME SB381,AMS 4928,AMS 4911,MIL-T-9047,ASTM F67.ASTM F136,ISO 5832,DIN 912,DIN 913,DIN 916,DIN 933,DIN 934,ISO 7380,ISO 7984,etc.




    Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.



    Titanium is absolutely immune to environmental attack, regardless of pollutants. Where other architectural metals exhibit limited lifespan, titanium endures. It withstands urban pollution, marine environments, the sulphur compounds of industrial areas and is failure-proof in even more aggressive environments. Because it is the most noble metal, the coupling of titanium with dissimilar metals does not accelerate galvanic corrosion of the titanium.

    These properties make titanium perfect for use in many applications.


    Aerospace Applications

    Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.


    Since the advent of the jet engine, titanium has been used in new alloys and production techniques to meet ever tighter standards for high-temperature performance, creep resistance, strength, and metallurgical structure.

    Through triple melting, or in some cases, electron beam cold hearth melting, the highest quality titanium metal alloys are achieved. These alloys are used in aerospace applications such as engines and airframes.

    Jet Engines

    Titanium is used for critical jet engine rotating applications. In the newest technology jet engines, wide chord titanium fan blades increase efficiency while reducing noise.

    Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.



    In the airframe structural market, innovative alloys replace steel and nickel alloys in landing gear and nacelle applications. These substitutions enable airframe manufacturers to save weight and improve aircraft efficiency.

    Aircraft quality plate and sheet are hot-rolled from forged slab. To achieve critical plate flatness vacuum creep flattening is used. Superplastic forming/diffusion bonding has led to increased use of titanium alloy sheet in new airframe designs.

    Aircraft quality strip, in commercially pure grades and beta alloys is produced in coil form with continuous vacuum annealing assuring extremely low hydrogen content.

    With each new design, commercial aircraft manufacturers increase the use of titanium in airframes.

    Industrial Applications

    The uses for titanium in industry are growing faster than ever before as more and more engineers are discovering it can reduce lifecycle costs across a broad range of equipment and processes. Titanium has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio. Titanium's favourable density (approximately half that of ferrous and nickel based metals) means that when equipment costs are calculated on a per unit area of measure basis, rather than per pound, the differential cost of material required narrows dramatically. In other words, about half as much titanium is required to do the same job, based on strength, or the same weight of titanium will go twice as far. Further closing the gap, when applied properly, titanium requires no corrosion allowance; pressure and structural requirements for the system are the only criteria for specifying wall thickness. Any remaining higher up front costs are almost always recouped in multiple due to increased production time and reduced maintenance.

    Titanium forms a very tenacious surface oxide layer, which is an outstanding corrosion inhibitor. In many harsh environments it can outlast competing materials as much as 5:1. Lower failure rates translate to less downtime, reduced maintenance and total lower cost. As a result, titanium has found a home in numerous industries ranging from power generation to chemical processing to desalination plants.

    Power Generation

    In power generating plants, where saline, brackish or polluted waters are used as the cooling medium, titanium thin wall condenser tubing will last for the life of the condenser (with a 40-year warranty against failure under proper conditions) and eliminate the need for a corrosion allowance.

    Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.


    Chemical Processing
    Many chemical processing operations specify titanium to increase equipment life. It offers lifecycle cost advantages over copper, nickel and stainless steel grades, while providing initial cost advantages over materials such as high nickel alloys, tantalum and zirconium.

    In petroleum exploration and production, titanium pipe's light weight and flexibility make it an excellent material for deep sea production risers. In addition, titanium's immunity to attack by sea water makes it the preferred material for topside water management systems. It is used on existing platforms in the North Sea and many more projects are in the planning stages. And since it shows virtually no corrosion in salt water, titanium is also the material of choice in desalination plants worldwide.


    Baoji Future Titanium Co., Ltd.



  • R&D

    Baoji Future Titanium co. ,ltd is a titanium manufacturer located in Baoji -Titanium Valley China. We supply titanium mill products to various industry lines all around the world, such as aero space, medical, oil, chemical, etc. For over 10 years' developing, we are able to offer quality titanium products and superior service.


    High quality, good service, competitive price is our superiority. Baoji future Titanium industrial & trading co.,ltd is your first choice for titanium needs. What We Offer Titanium Bar/Billet, Titanium Forging, Titanium Sheet/Plate , Titanium Fastener , Titanium Tube/Pipe, Titanium Fitting , Titanium Wire/Welding Wire , Titanium Flange . Bar ASTM B348/SB348, AMS 4928, MIL-T-9047, ASTM F67, F136 Sheet ASTM B265/SB265, AMS 4911, MIL-T-9046, ASTM F67, F136 Pipe ASTM B338/ASME SB338, ASTM B861/ASME SB861WireASTM B348/ASME SB348, ASTM B863, AWS A5.16, AMS 4951 Forging ASTM B381/ASME SB381 Fastener DIN912, DIN913, DIN916, DIN933, DIN934, DIN963, DIN7991, DIN 6921, ISO 7380, ISO 7984, ETC Premium Quality All the products we deliver are mill certified and 100% traceable from mill processing through melt source to maintain quality control requirements.


    Third Party Inspection is available for quality tests such as chemical analysis, mechanical test, microstructure test, etc. Competitive Price We start working from titanium sponge and we are capable of finishing the raw material melting, milling, drawing, cutting, packaging in house for most products, this makes our prices much more competitive as the middleman is cut out.


    And our cooperated forwarder and courier charge us reasonable costs for goods delivery. Superior Service Customer services are not limited to quick response and on-time delivery. We also offer value-added processing such as welding, drilling, surface treatment and customized cutting. Thanks to the developed logistics companies and couriers, we can deliver the goods to your door

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